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My Journey towards Data Engineering

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Armstrong Nigere
·Dec 27, 2020·

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On the 18th of July 2019, I finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, after graduating I found a job in consulting as a junior Software Developer but after a year of working, I was unsatisfied so I realized I needed to give myself goals and a sort of guideline into which direction I wanted my career to proceed.

At that moment there was a lot of hype around Data Science, so I thought that would be a good career path but the more I informed myself the more I came to the realization that Data Science wasn’t for me.

During my research about Data Science I came across one of the team data science vlogs , the vlog was about Data Engineering vs Data Science, I found the vlog to be very inspiring so I did further research on the topic but the was little material about Data Engineering on the internet (or I was searching in the wrong places ). The more I read about Data Engineering, the more I realized I like solving this type of problems that data engineers faced and the type of tools they were using to solve these problems, which made me come to the conclusion that this is exactly the career path that I was searching for which fitted to my background and it would be something that I would enjoy doing.

After 8 months I finally decided to join the Data Engineering Academy, I choose the Academy over the coaching because at the moment I need a platform where I can get Data Engineering content, that is explained clearly and in an understandable way so as to help sharpen my skills, help me build a good portfolio and also to be part of a growing community.

It has been roughly three months now, and thanks to the Course I have been able to learn about how to build different types of pipelines and use tools such as Docker, Kafka Pyspark, and writing blogs, the part of writing blogs is new to me, but I found it to be very helpful and essential as it helps me to document my work, I also find it to be very inspirational.

The journey has been a slow learning curve but I am enjoying it so far, which is what counts for at the moment.

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